• My first ever rust gamplay video
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Hi everyone! I came here to promote my first edited video that I posted to youtube. This is my first official rust game play video. I would really apprieciate if you guys check it out.  https://youtu.be/x-n7MmcKnvA
I actually like it, you sound and behave like a professional entertainer. Need new mic tho, but your voice is 10/10 for this. Maybe you should avoid speeding up parts of your video. If its boring either skip it or be creative, youtubers like Ramsey sync each hit with some music, which is just awesome to watch.
Thanks for the Great feed back man! It really gives me more motivation to continue on with my video editing. As for the mic, I just don't have it set up properly, it's a blue yeti pro. I do realize I talk WAY to fast sometimes, and your feedback even further proves that I have to work on it more. As for my voice I was not really sure if I had a good youtuber voice, but your comment really made me feel more confident. Thank you again!
Nice video! Would like to see more. And from Canada too. Agreed with the comment above, though I personally enjoy both the sped up gameplay so that we can see what you did, as well as the nice jump cuts during action. It would be cool if you could combine both. Thanks for sharing! Maybe you'll make it into a community update sometime
Hey thanks man! I am so glad to be making content that you enjoy! Thanks for the awesome feedback it really means alot!. Ps. I'd be interested in adding your steam if you want to. It is the same as my facepunch username; Callyflour123. Thanks once again!
Watched your video, it is good. Some things that you can improve but were already mentioned by @BreakTheWind , what server do you play on?
I think it was Surges server hosted in the US
Nice dude. Didn't mind the commentary at all.
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