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Chur, thanks again devs
very nice
Very good update :3
For shits and giggles, when you release the Bradly update you should also make it so it will work with the heli or vise versa, make fighting both of them a nightmare...
good, thanks
Nice... Goodbye unexpected crash
Still waiting for the goddam chainsaw
server keeps crashing after this update....
These tooltips are the fucking worst, but at least the console command disables them. Still. That shouldn't be enabled by default when half of us have over a thousand hours. I getcha, its a consolization thing, but kinda feels annoying. I had to disable them, even after I chucked and picked up my rock the tooltip didn't go away, and it blocked chat a bit.
Server is on a constant crash cycle after updating
Can't keep the server up at all now. Timed out. Connection attempt failed. Have restarted the server three times with no results.
This is a Oxide issue - re-download and reapply this version of Oxide: Release 2.0.3818 · OxideMod/Oxide.Rust · GitHub
sorry for posting too soon, oxide confirmed. Their buildserver was broken so manual, and even when I downloaded 7 minutes after the message it was out, the version was not right. Restarted VPS and re-downloaded oxide 15 minutes after first download and everything is fine now. Thnx for the effort!
Please look into chaining the learn-able spray patterns for the AK, Its way too OP atm, espesh if the other person (more like group) have scripted it. Just a thought...
tips should look unobtrusive?
u mom G A Y C:
Burlap needs to be updated anyways. It's old and ugly. A few other things need to be updated too. the TC Is really low res The sheet metal door should have a different texture on the other side.
they will most likely not add more tc slots, they gave out start-up lines to owners so they could decide how long a (big) base lasts on a full tc.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/57972/dea326d3-4b2a-4a22-b89a-aca167645ebb/dasf.png такую?
Looking forward to see Rust finally going official and leaving early access. The game have came a far and is very enjoyable but I would like to mention two areas that needs tweaking/fixing. -Helicopter aggro system. -Component spawns. Statement 1: In the current state helis have no sense at all. You can despawn it without shooting at it. You can't steal aggro when you hit several weak spot hits. Or you can steal it with one hit from someone who just sprayed a mag into the rotor on it. Really frustrating for the gameplay. Statement 2:Join a server today and almost everyone lives around the radtowns and roads. Early game the big groups live in tier 3. Late game teir 3 is dead and all freshies are ruling the server in tier 1 zones. BUT! Why have a system that require you to live close to components instead of spreading components out alot more so the whole map gets available. Right now everyone aims for the same areas.
whats the command?!?
I don't mean the inventory size, I mean the look of it. It's low resolution and just looks outdated. I think they should actually reduce the number of slots in a tc.
Sorry, I don't remember.
New tip to add: If you fight a bear with a rock, you will die
GAME BREAKING ISSUE NOT COVERED OR NOTICED: (COMMENT_INVALID) I've noticed that not a lot of people bring this up but its a pretty game breaking issue at the moment. Players will often experience hearing a hitmarker without damage being dealt. Upon checking the combat log we are just met with: projectile_invalid projectile_los projectile_distance this is usually within seconds before death and is crazily unfair to those with higher than 20 ping. I know the server-side confirmation of hits prevents hacking but the threshold is so low it happens all the time to regular players. Example: (with 14 ping on stable server) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/146195/7752ccdd-4b37-402e-8068-bec1270e2a5f/Projectile_invalid.jpg Thanks.
Hm... Water Well monuments added or not?
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