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Kinda glad they got rid of the wood req for that and got rid of paper lmao. never thought I would see the day
This update actually seemed to increase performance for me, I'm pretty happy with it. I enjoy this game a lot, even on a potato. Can't wait till I get to play on a new rig.
lol, you know what that actualy means, and why it happens? you know that it does not has to do with Rust at all? The projectile loss / drops happens when you: your internet connection has down point at that moment your connection from your pc to server has down point your connection with the pc of the one your fighting has a down point These are the most common things to trigger this, and it's not weird at all. When you play an online game, your computer makes connection with server by sending a message or tick you wont notice. The server reacts with a thick back, what gives your pc permission to load the server and connect and communicate with it. When the time between those ticks tales too long while loading game, you will get kicked. All these things, also apply's when you are running on a server, and meet a player. Then the triggy thing comes in: your pc, has to get info from the server, about what info and ticks (actions) are send by another player, to be able for you to see him running and shooting. When the tick on this moment takes to long, some actions can be removed by the server, because the time it should execute the action you want, does not match the vallues in the server and others client. This does not only happen when you shoot someone else, but also when you havnign lag-spikes. The bullets and actions got removed, to be sure there will not be 2 shots while you clicked once. I bet the explaination will not be 100% accurate, and there will defenetly someone who can explain this better, but the facts is that the big part of this problem is in the internet connection of the clients that meet and the server, and not rust itself.
Wait, you can wash off radiation in water? I played more then 100 hours and never realized this! What the hell! http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/018/259/55181940.jpg But as always, thanks for the job guys, this game is really coming together, and deserves to leave Early Access.
Well it never really happened before they announced hit confirmation serverside
MAURINO BERRY About nerfing AK You guys do a great job about construction in this game, but I have to complain about shooter experience, I play FPS games since 1998 (Doom & Quake etc) I can help with it. About nerfing AK my friend... AK is supossed to be a strong and accurate weapon with high recoil, you have to make this weapon like CS GO as reference, because it is the best FPS game, and most of rust players play CS GO and they would be satisfied with a weapon pattern similar to CS GO. AK It's a high recoil, high dammage and precisable rifle, that's the point the first 6 bullets you have to slide down the mouse and hit the target, after that recoil should be high. In true life, 1 AK hit you make a hole in a car, you blow a guy brain away from his head, it's extremily powerful, it's not a 6 hits to kill, it's pure dammage. Why people use AK too much and not SMG? Because most of Rust combat it's long rage, SMG can't do the job, and bolt it's sucking a lot, because you hit a full set in chest you take only 36L, and he up his life to 100 in 3s, it's not enough even a opening to advance, cause not bleed and restore life. my points to improve 1-> Stop changing AK, it's annoying. 2-> Make bolt strong again, 1 hit head, 2 hit chest. 3-> Make bleeding more critical, people restore life too quickly and pvp last forever. 4-> Make weapons more useful for long rage combat 5-> Bow and Crossbow should be a little bit stronger,
first: Rust is no fps shooter, it's survival, and with that, the weapons should not be too op, otherwise people will think it's all about the guns and fights, making rust fps. Second: As long people are using (recoil) cheats, rust needs to contineusly adjust the weopons to make it harder to make cheats for them. Third: As long servers having issues with big groups, and players keep complaining because they get a bad game-experience because of that groups, rust needs to balance between the building aspect and the fighting aspect. This means that making weapons less powerfull and accurate, you have to depend more on how you build and store everything.
RIP paper
I bet you never fired with a REAL AK to write so much bullshit. In real life, it's not that powerful, low recoil, and not really accurate after 100 meters...
xD hope that's a thing they are going to do later down a road in your abase and getting layzered by x military scientist trained by the secret under ground called the league of shadows
LOL. And by your description - sounds like you never did either... (maybe some knock off modified version with 5.56 ammo). And yes I know AK in Rust uses 5.56 ammo, but thats besides the point. AK with 7.62 ammo can easily go through cars... and depending on how you shoot (assuming proper position = prone, not running spraying all over) - you can hit pretty accurately at 200-300m. And recoil depends alot on your position (standing up vs prone/crouching), but its pretty strong on the AK, esp with 7.62 ammo. Also - you've seen what 100m looks like in Rust? It can be pretty hard to hit anything, let alone a moving target at that range, unless you're crouching and tapping the trigger pretty carefully, with HV ammo preferably.
Love the AK 74 sniper rifle great gun to shoot!
хочу предложить еще одну идею. я как то шел домой. и все время думал о игре об ржавчине. вот разрабочики, они добавили в игру npc. что если им заменить на пример на животных. точнее создать локацию где будут не только боты формой игрока. но и животные. так же можно было в принцепе заменить животных на более опасных страшных вымышленных существ. фентази. все это для того чтобы разнообразить. npc может быть разный. как люди так и звери, или что то похожее на них. вы ток подумаите. у тебя будет страх. проходя мимо локаций. или rt. на тебя нападет стая собак или животных или других мутантов. что то подобное было в легаси. возможно это вернет в игру ранние который был вид. я понимаю что что то подобное было в их разработках. возможно я повторяю их идей.
Faltou noticias do carro, de varios modelos de carro, desde rapidos ou resistentes. Gostaria de poder carregar itens no porta do malas. Uma dúvida o cientista, como vai ser uma pessoa a resistencia dele vai ser normal igual de outro player ou será resistente igual o helicoptero?
mas você pode descrever com mais detalhes. Eu não te entendo bem.
Digo, se iremos conseguir utilizar os veiculos para locomoção igual temos em alguns mods. Na parte do porta malas se ele seria tipo um bau movel. Se iremos poder equipar o carro, com sub-metralhas para ajudar na parte de confronto.
Os russos têm uma máquina antiga. chamado pos. Este é um modelo de carro velho. на де-ла-де-эс-э-э-э-эс. пример, um carro alemão, o pistão tem um porta-malas na frente eo motor com a parte traseira. Jogou um perseguidor? семя piadas o melhor carro para o transporte. já que a carga é da frente. Se eu entendi você corretamente, você está falando de carga. транспортe de автомобильga. Você disse algo sobre armas e bots nps? talvez algum texto não seja compreensível para você.
There is some problem after new update, it happend to my mate for 2nd time. He got killed and it closed steam and rust (it wasn´t ragequit) and he is unable to connect server until he re-installs rust.
No cars plz. It will ruin everything.
So sweet... 7.62 is just about the size of....the bullet.... AK = 7.62x39 only while real powerfull ammo are 7.62x51, 7.62x54 and for me, just the best : 7.5x55 https://www.ingunowners.com/rimg.php?referer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ingunowners.com%2Fforums%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D89433&src=http://i41.tinypic.com/wionwx.jpg
гниение построек не совсем идеальное. почему бы им не сделать такой алгоритм. сперва будет разрушаться вверх часть дома. это потолок с внешней стеной. потом же следом будет разрушаться с интервалом нижняя часть дома. это внешняя стена первого этажа дома. 3 этап. это будет разрушаться блок верхний потолок. 4 этап. слегка гнить один нижний фундамент. тем самым он будет в конце разрушен первым. ну и все. дальше это будет происходить циклично. основным разрушением или интенсивным разрушением это будет верхние этажи дома. постепенно будет и подгнивать и нижние внешние стены. вообще можно где то сделать рандом. чтоб рейдерам было больше шанса пройти сквозь нижние разрушенный от гниения стены дома. а то получается строить не выгодно. основная нижняя часть разрушается быстро. окей хорошо. выговорите что есть стабильность. ок тогда сделайте ее еще более жесткой. чтоб основание. и нижние этажи оставались более крепкие.
For those discussing the guns, you have to keep mind if weapon specific ammunition is included, then that means more versions (flame, normal, high-speed, and explosive) will have to be developed for that type of bullet as well. This may lead to a few things. - More inventory space management. - blueprint management. Imagine if you find an AK to research. Yay! but now you need to find the AK bullets to rsearch. However, that maybe trouble if there are 5.56 ammo blueprints lying around. I don't know how others would feel about this. Personally, I woold not mind having such a change for a couple of monthe to see the community's reaction and it's effect on the gameplay.
Why double sheet metal doors still costs woods? there's no reason take wood if the single door don't cost any!
must be for the top part, that you always hit your head on when jumping through :P
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