• What type of new weapon would you add?
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This is not like a new SMG, i mean a new weapon. Like adding shields, catapults, etc.
Javelins. Shorter than spears, stack up to three, throw faster and do less damage. Can't melee with them. Wood ones would cost 100wood each, stone-tipped would take a wooden javelin and 10 stone to upgrade, metal ones would by 75 metal frags. Do around 30-50-70 damage headshots on nakeds. (Spears do 40 and 60 for wood/stone).
I like the direction your thinking. More primitive weapons would be nice. The javelin idea is something similar to what I thought, and that is a spear thrower. It terms of performance, it be somewhere in between a spear and a bow. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spear-thrower Also, it would be cool to tie a bean can gernade on the end of a spear to make an explosive spear haha.
Scrap Katar Decent speed, since it would in theory be a bit slower than just punching. Decent chance to cause bleeding. Could inflict more damage on a backstab, to encourage both stealth and a backstab system. Though you would have to be really close for it to be effective as there IS a reason it's referred to as a "Punch Dagger".
Bolo Flail Sling Shot Boomerang Poison darts Atlatl Halberd Caltrops Ballista Shuriken
Material-Tiered Riot Shields. -Wood -Sheet Metal -Armored Alternative to Bolt-Action rifle- Maybe a weaker box-fed rifle with a few shots before reload.
Alternative to Bolt-Action rifle- Maybe +++
A Harpoon! I'd also second the mentions of sling shots and javelins above. I think a lot of what has been mentioned is something that would be more likely seen in Ruin rather than Rust, which is part of why I'm so looking forward to it!
We got a rocket launcher, how about a grenade launcher? Even a morter. Let us fling beancans/F1's at people with a grenade launcher. I suppose a mortar set-up would work also. Though, I could see that being a real pain if you have asshat neighbors..
Something to go between the smg and rifle category, for example a semi-automatic or 3 rnd burst-fire capable PDW or carbine that uses 9mm ammo. Something like a cz scorpion, the "newer" version, or something similar to Beretta Cx4 Storm. Preferably so that it would still look somewhat "home made" but one could still see that the idea came from cz scorpion or beretta cx4 storm. Slingshot is another weapon that would fit perfectly to the rust world, especially with different kind of ammunitions (pebbles, steelballs, twisted nails etc) Maybe some kind of remote controlled explosive for human targets, not so much for raiding (dammage could be similar to land mines. This would make an awesome range of possibilities in raid defence, traps and ambush scenarios)
i would like to see some sort of combat rifle and some more attachments for weapons, different stocks,extended mag and maybe different grips
Stop, Get Some Help
I would add a boomerang its would be cool to try to kill a dear and then get your weapon back if you missed
How about a dildo cannon. I mean why bother with graphics optimization when you can just add a cannon that launches giant cocks. Right?
More options to customizing weapons would be nice. Like adding a bayonet would be awesome!
A lever action rifle wouldn't be too out of place. Would most likely sit between semi rifle and bolt rifle in terms of power, firerate and accuracy. Being able to melee with all guns as a secondary attack would also be very nice.
Roadmap Mortar Indirect fire weapon capable of delivering explosives from long range and out of your line of sight.
A fixed place machine gun would be great. It could even be like on the first versions like the American Civil War era gatling gun (see link below). It could be made with a bunch of metal pipes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gatling_gun I so like the ideas of the javilin and the harpoon. They could be metal and thus do quite nit of damage. Also, they could work well with my previous idea of strapping bean can grenades to them haha. As for bolas, this would be tricky. I do like the idea of there being a weapon or weapons that can slow down or stop people for a short period of time. I constantly hear frustration how someone survive an entire magazine of AK by spamming medical syringes. Also, since there is no stamina pool (unless you are counting thirst), chasing people can be very tiresome. (Though being a guy who is often being chased I don't mind haha). We need to be cautious that it is not spammed. Like it would require a workbench and they could not be stacked.
For a new sniper-rifle type weapon, they could throw in an SKS? Buff Bolty dmg/penetration, then give us a semi-auto sniper option with the SKS. 10 round box mags, higher fire-rate than bolty, slightly less damage. I feel like the bolty should be able to blow through and drop someone even if they have a metal facemask. Just a thought. Late game, everyone looks mostly the same in terms of gear. People roam with metal sets and Ak47's. I'd like to see a little more variation for both viable end-game weaponry/gear.
I do agree that in the late game most people have the same gear. True that airdrops amd uncraftable weapons can mix it up, but i am not sure if that is enough. However, that does make it easier for people to know what they will be up agsinst. Also, with the roadmap as it is right now, it might be a while until we see new weapons. New weapon attachments or weapon upgrades do appear to be on the list (such as arrows. Actual explosive arrows?). Though a burst-fire weapon does sound interesting.
Though I am not going to lie, I wish that bayonets could somehow be added haha.
Helk was talking about how the SMG's and pretty much no other weapons are used for end-game fights, and he considered nerfing the AK more. Also if they did add a semi-auto sniper, it would have to have ALOT of sway so it doesn't out-rifle the Bolt. Kinda similar to the DMR's and Sniper Rifles in BF4, the snipers have no sway while DMR's have lots.
Maybe some sort of slingshot, it could be made out of wood (50 or 75?) and some cloth(10 or 15?) it would use stone as a ammo, or use a type of pebble which would be only cost ten stone to craft 10-20 pebbles, being a bit lower in damage than he bow, it would be a good early game weapon.
I want a Shovel so I can dig holes around my base to put traps in. Placing traps in clear view is pretty dumb.
This reminds me of something from ShadowFrax's Concept Limbo, a hidden trap, similar to fox-holes in WW2. You'd dig a hole then place a trap in it and hide it, i dont think it'll ever come to Rust cause if a Newman joins his first server then dies to a hidden trap, he'd leave and refund the game.
i had an idea where you can kill a snake (this is if they add snake sometime later) and you can hervest it for poison then dip arrows in them and shit like that that would be cool but for guns i would add like some type of glock that would be cool make the cost to research like 500 then have then have the build price a levl 2 with a semi body, a spring, hqm, and metle pipes, ik a lot but it would do a lot of damage to nakeds and you can switch it between full auto and semi auto, i think that would be awesome..
I like the idea of "MacGyvering" primitive weapons into weapons that can be used in desperate situations. Such as what if you could tie a bean-can gerase to a stone spear. This "explosive" spear could be thrown as far as a stone spear, stick to walls, but has a chance of breaking or the fuse going out. Another idea is what if the eureka pistol could fire some form of solid shot. It would do more damage and have a farther range than the primitive bullet, but it would be not very accurate and it would sevely damage the eureka pistol after each use. You could actually recreate "gentlemen duels" haha.
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