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Surpressor, should be as strong as gun without it 1 more clothing item spot desert, and hoodie = get thirsty fast, lose health, die rain, thunder, snow Remove Ak, I hate it, or add M16, remove aim cone add jungle add sahara desert remove building system completely, I hate it, add new building system. Building should be prettemplate, no layers and all that nonesense stone and wood buildings should be hard to make, nakes can only afford twig, twig should have more health ... and lastly, make me ur partner, I know how this game should be. I should have a great impact on that game. The game doesnt need thousands advices from unqualified people. The game needs 1 professional. I could be that person. The game doesnt need anything more.
Lol, get over yourself.
Stop, Get Some Help
I need to talk to the developer
Go play Hurtworld if you want those things.
1: Supressor also takes away bullet power and range IRL 2: Would be nice, but in other way this adds the need of think carefully. 3: Go to real dessert with that type of clothes, and see how it go's for you ;) 4: Watch roadmap 5: Cry Cry Cry 6: Go find another game if you suck shooting guns. 7: Watch roadmap 8: Complaining in point 3, but you want another dessert??? That does not makes sense. 9: Maybe you should play the sims or minecraft instead 10: If you dissagree on point 9, go play csgo if you don't like the game and want 1000 things changed just before they leave EA. Get real, and accept the way this game is going! And lastly, there are thousands of "players" that "all knows how this game should be" , and they all have a big list with changes to make it easier for themselves, what makes me wonder how hard they must suck at this game. The game does not need those kids that sucks at the game and have a big list with changes. They are taking this road, and you are just a player, nothing more nothing less. Just accept that this is it for the future, and go play something else if you don't like it.
Suppressor Effects | Gun Digest you got it a little bit wrong there
I know how guns work, I've shot them IRL. The fact is that a supressor filters the outcomming gas and letting it flow trough little channels to get less noice. This adds a little boundary to how accurate the gun gets compaired to the same ammo and gun without suppressor. Yes, there are many types, and some works better than others, but a "basic" gun shoots easier on target than a supressed one.
Fair enough.
remove because i hate it this is the most stupid post i have ever seen on any forum before, and i am using forums since bbs time (2400bps modem) mate, this game has almost perfect building system. it is evolving for more than 4 years, and there is so much more in it then using pretemplated buildings. ok, there are exploits, but exploits should be fixed.
Incorrect about suppressors can link video they do not take away range if that was the case snipers wouldn't have a long barrel, and or use suppressors when needed, they also do not take bullet power away. To much Cod in your life bud
I would like the animations on the guns to reflect how many bullets are actually being reloaded. It is frustrating when you are reloading 1 bullet, but it still appears like you are reloading 4. I also would like the spikes in the caves to be slightly changed, so that you don't die instantly when you just poke them from the side while trying to retrieve you loot. I suggested this in another thread. (Link below) Spikes in caves adjustment?
surpressors are a joke in Rust. They shouldnt have any damage reduction whatsoever,.
I am not sure if this would be considered a fix or new feature, but why can't players lay down and crawl in the game? I did not see it on the road map. Is there a reason for this?
players cannot even hide
The chose skins are crap. WHY DO WE NEED SO MANY USELESS SKINS??? WE NEED NO CLOTHINGS!!! NO FASHION!!!! SELL NEW MESHES INSTEAD OF SKINS!!! or fuck this game and I play something else
This somewhat related to the update. Since there are now water monuments, I was wondering if people use the salt water boilers. I really don't see that many people using them. However, I really don't raid that much, so it may actually be used quite a bit, and I won't know.
how to make sure the developers see my post?
Add sketches or 3d models? get lots of agrees, coins, and good idea emoji? Luck?
no thx
Just curious as to why you are the "professional" and nobody else is?
Hate to break it to you, but even if they see your post, it doesn't mean you're going to get what you want. There has to be pros and cons to everything, including silencers. If there were no negatives, everyone and their mother would use the silencer. I generally don't roam with one, however if it is night time or I'm rolling solo and would rather make it harder to be located, I'll use a silencer. Might be weaker, but if you get the drop on them you likely have a few extra seconds to put them down before they figure out where you are. As long as you don't potato, you'll probably kill them.
fix it now
Still a little wondering if being able to go prone is going added into the game. If not, I would like to know why.
I just noticed something. The light on the miner's cap does not turn with the player's head when the player looks around while holding the ALT key. This is also true for when the player is sitting on the chair. While I am sitting in the chair with the miner's hat turned on, the light will continue to look straight front of the player, even when I am looking around.
I noticed that the neither the boonie hat or the baseball cap lower a player's temperature. I find it strange that the boonie hat actually keeps you warm. Shouldn't this be the other way around? On another note, should I just let this thread die? I noticed that this is the third order post I left in a row.
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