• Workbenchs
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Are we ever going to see an upgradeable workbench? or the ability to pick them up? and the workbech level 3 is so dam large! we need it a bit smaller!
I would like to see upgradable workbench, myself. Or at the very least, the ability to demolish old work benches so I don't have to sit there forever to smash up my lvl 2 work bench to replace it with lvl 3.
I'm actually surprised this isn't a thing already. In a game where space and resources are valued, it is odd that you're not able to just upgrade the workbenches. Actually that and being able to move/relocate them, as you can pick up and move the repair bench and the research tables with a hammer but not the workbenches.
This will be so damn cool... add it....
am I the only one who does not have this issue? Perhaps its because I build multiple bases?
then i think the they should go for the last option upgradeable workbench!
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