• What is the point of the Chainlink Fence/Gate?
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The Gate has a *whole* 75HP, with no special explosive damage resistance, and the fence has 100HP. I don't understand why they exist? Do they have a use, or was it just something added and forgotten about?
idk roleplayer shit fam
What is the point of the Muzzle Boost? -10% dmg per hit + 10% fire rate (= + 10% dmg) useless item, waste 10% more ammo, thats all Or Muzzle Brake... same stupit Item. move the recoil from the gun to the bullet. Rust has some nonsense items...
what is the point of wearing clothes?
Protection mostly from cold and radiation, but also from animals and other players.
you are obviously an idiot, the muzzle boost increases recoil and shoots a lot faster, if you can actually aim an ak this is very over powered and the muzzle break decreases recoil which is good for people with bad aim
It's mostly used for role-playing I can't find a reason for their existing
I like to build next to rivers especialy in deserts and most of the time its a nuisence to swim across so i build a bridge wiht using the fence gate which is quite good for it gives me vison and blocks enemys from getting in
Prison Gates/Walls are much stronger, not a huge difference in cost and obtained in a similar fashion, but who knows. The turret part is a good thinking, I always used prison walls though.
Youve got a point but when i build a bridge just for passing it dosent make me much of a diffrence i just use the ones i get my hands on which is mostly fence gate
They also decrease accuracy so now you dont shoot straight and again, dont hit a thing
well thats bad
Only place I’ve seen them has been a chain fence roleplayer area by a shop and on an autoturret
The only time I have ever used them is a caged fighting arena. I don't think they are entirely useless though. yeah mate was being sarcastic never mind.
Fun fact: You can throw rocks through chain-link-fences/gates.
I am so testing that
I was fairly certain you were but answered it for fun anyway. Almost as a friendly troll in a way.
Like Keimo above said, they can be shot through. They're pretty much just a weaker(but cheaper) version of the prison bars.
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