• Pay To Win Scripts and lack of Admins - "Hacking" #Admin4NoSkill
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Hacking is out of control on the server I play on, [US West] FacePunch 2 and I am hearing similar things from other servers. For those of you that don't know, for $14 a month you can buy aim bot and esp. I have played pretty much non-stop since the wipe on Thursday and I haven't seen the patrol copter last more than 15 seconds. Launch Site is swarming with people shooting through walls and hitting with spears from 1,000m. These script kids aren't hiding it any more. They are willing to spend $14 a month and buy new rust accounts because by the time any action is taken, all of the loot is transferred to a clean account. The only way to deal with this problem is to have an administrator that plays all the time and is able to personal investigate reports of hacking. Give me administrator powers and I will: Mute people that go over board with racial or offensive spamming. Investigate signs of hacking and ban offenders. Record every investigation and put up video proof. To the community: I am well known on West 2 for being "gay" or a "roleplayer". I try to negotiate and make friends which is counter to the standard style of rust play. I will not be using admin powers to stop people from raiding my friends or myself. I play on West 2 specifically because it is so difficult to succeed. I wanted to race you guys to M249s but hackers have ruined release. I hope we will get into big fights and trade gear. I know we aren't going to get along in game because most of you are assholes. But we should all come together on this one thing. Hackers are not welcome on our server. #Admin4NoSkill
Just accept that there are better players like you. There are no hackers in Rust.
While yes, there are people who are legitimately skilled, the sheer amount of people begging to be unbanned says otherwise with regards to "there are no hackers".
My name is no skill. I have no trouble accepting the fact that there are players better than me. You have to accept the fact that for $14 a month you can become a pvp god and the only people with the power to stop it are actively trying to make a game. Facepunch has to hire some admins.
People who say stuff like this are more than likely aim botting and worried about getting banned.
Okay well asking for administrative privilege will obviously not happen. However yes these people are being more obvious with your cheats which is a good thing. Rust has now rise up to $35 in price which means developers that create these hacks will have to raise their prices up in order to make profit off of this. Not only does this this satisfy the customer buying the cheats but now they are at risk to on having to spend $35 per game every time their account gets banned. And Family Sharing will not save them so assume we will see a large decrease in the amount cheaters within the next few months.
i am 99.9% sure that the stuff they said is sarcasm.
Its very unlikely a "player" of rust will be given any admin privileges on any server. Unless you know the owner of said server. Facepunch can't just hand out admin or elevated privilege without vetting that person. Yes i have noticed alot more hackers recently but for now there is a reports feature F7 that works just as well. The players we've reported on our servers are swiftly looked into and banned if they are hacking. It doesn't take that long imo.
just say you die by one of these hackers through a wall are you sure your just not getting shot by there buddy from another position and also one last thing even if they are hacking you can report then by getting killed by them then clicking the report button in the death screen. yes they added that but i guess you wont wanna look at that and if its that bad that you wanna be admin jut find a different server.
People who believe there is no hackers on Rust probably don't play Vanilla officials servers. I play Can Facepunch 2, and we have the same problems you say here. Reporting works, but sadly they keep opening new accounts. They really need to have there bases wiped each time. Its the only way to really punish them.
LMAO im done
gotta love that facepunch 2. should be renamed to EU hacker honeypot 2
Why can’t the devs just IP ban people from the game?
If their IP was static it would work , but alot of people have a dynamic IP which would mean they would need to block a whole IP range. This would then ban alot of people with similar IP's. So as you can see, its not that easy.
IP bans can be circumvented. Hence why repeat offenders get slapped with a somewhat harder to circumvent hardware ban after so many offenses.
IP addresses not reliable for banning offenders. Your ISP issues you a dynamic IP whenever your router connects. Hardware bans are possible, but can be bypassed. (by replacing components eg. hard drive) Banning the user's account is the quickest way. But the problem is identifying the cheater/hacker without reasonable doubt. .... i might be talking trash... i'm not an expert.
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