• Houston, we have a problem: HACK EXPLOSION
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I start saying that this is not a post to cry because of im dead and etc. After leaving the Early Access, some shit started to happen. In most of the officials servers and in some rustafield etc servers started to have a lot of complaining about hackers, I, being a toxic but united part of this community think to my self " get gud loser" but then a LOT ( YEAH A LOOOOT) of Rust youtubers are getting aimboted, wallhacked and this type of shit, the proof was there, instakills and deaths by nowhere. I took my strenghs and went to US 1 and DUDE, in my 700hrs i have never ever seeing a hacker, but when I got instakill with a triple headshot by a revolver at ( hear this, by the combat log) 486.3 METERS from the fagget, i understood that the situation was bad,REAAAAAALYYYY BAD. IS TIME TO OPEN OUR eyes BOOOOYSSS
Why, I quite like being quad-headshotted with an Eoka at 400 meters by a man who doesn't speak English. It really goes to show how diversity IS our strength!
So, rather than using the in game report system you added another pointless thread whining about hackers to the pile? And also, WHY do people think constant threads complaining about hackers will do anything? There are two anti cheats that work, albeit slowly for the purpose of being sure they flag actual cheats. And one would think that with all the complaints that people would wise up and not play seriously on official servers, but NOOOOOOO.
The intention is to say that the anti cheat isnt functioning properly, also i used the report system
Anticheat work properly yea, but as server owner (and in every server) until anticheat ban the hacker the mess is all around and players are crying. If like sometimes is false warning and player is banned by mistake, thats bad for the server. How to detect esp or freecamera hack. )
Im glad to see these posts. It goes to show the state of the game and SHOULD bring more attention from the devs since these posts can directly effect the sale of the game. Keep posting them on here, the steam forum, and reddit. It will force the hand of the devs eventually
When they do anticheat?=( https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/763/f292113a-3eba-465b-a588-d84ee0b7d8b1/image.png
Moron, this isn't on a scale of a 100 players that cheat. It's so many of them that there is little to no point in reporting them. They probably bought 20 Rust copies anyways back when you can get one for lousy 5$ (even less in some places)... My point, the CURRENT anti-cheat is GARBAGE.
I smell a large ban wave coming in the future from EAC
The issue isn't that EAC isn't doing it's job, it bans at a rate not too disimilar to other games (Battlefield, Call of Duty, Squad, CS:GO) The issue is that in Rust, you are playing in a server for much more than a 15 minute stint, you will usually see the same player many times over the course of a session, and if one player is cheating, then you will likely run into them many times over that same session. EAC is doing the best that it can do, there isn't a team of hyper intelligent monkeys constantly monitoring every server, Facepunch bans a significant amount of hackers on Officials, however, they cannot be around 24/7. Use the F7 report feature and I assure you, if they are cheating they will be banned within 5 days, FP gets a metric ton of reports to go through every day, don't be upset if they fail to respond to yours first.
Haha, no. I know at least three players with cheats. All of them have been playing for more than a year and have not been banned yet.
Then why don't you report these cheaters? You should all be banished. The people with hacks and you because you tolerate it.
it's reply to me? All this players reported. Multiple times. By multiple users... And... Still nothing.
Ok I thought you tolerate it and done nothing. Sorry, you done all right !
Report people. Ive gotten confirmation from facepunch 4 times this week that a person I reported got banned. that might be 4/6 to give perspective.
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