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Very interesting stuff, thanks Facepunch! I hope to see Scientists' utilized more. I like the idea of them roaming and checking out junk piles on roads, right now everybody bases near/on roads or monuments.
the scientists on the roads should have less HP to help noobs
Server Update fail ! Client 2062 Server 2057 I cant connect
espectacular muy buen trabajo
Did you just click on any random thread and comment your autistic comment?! You aren't dumb, but you're stupid
I'm no expert, but I believe that means your client is updated, but the server is not updated. Ask the server owner to update the server. No reason for toxicity.
Uhm, am i blind or they still haven't finished a models and textures for clothes on your hands? Really?
Oaks don't grow in Tundras!
Nice to see the addition of incineratry rounds. It will make fire fights much more fun. Now all we need are molotov cocktails haha. Also, thank you for tweeking the nail gun. It is good to see that some of the primitive are still being worked on. Hope to see more primitive weapons, tools, and clothing. I wish I could run on higher computer settings to appreciate the beauty of this game haha
The nailgun is now unbalanced, I just imagine how you can now wreck ppl with it, it's a bit too fast
Any information on clicking once and releasing to aim down sight instead of having to click and hold? Will that be an option to be added?
Next tree release gum tree? for all those aussies out there. Also I think some more animals should be added
do we still get recources from someones tc if its locked if you hatchet it
damn was hoping for a BP wipe too :/ still a good patch tho!
Please, stop making Arma from Rust.Looking for survival and we have enough factory weapons! Where are the sleeves and the falling satellite that was in the old concepts?
yeah if Rust Felt a little more survival-ly it would be even better still waiting for the water and farming makeover
I think it would be super cool if all of the airdrops were actually for the scientists and they would avidly contest them. The more airdrops the scientists get, the better guns they would have, the more loot they'd drop etc. Maybe they might even spawn more often when they have gotten alot of airdrops. It would also be swesome if they had their own hidden base(s) that would be spawned on a random spot on the map and with high tier gear, could be raided. The more Airdrops the players capture, the fewer guns and loot the scientists would have.
Such a shame you guys aren't using a version of TressFX for the hair. It came out in 2013, being featured in Tomb Raider, and nothing has come close to beating it since. Sadly, not too many games take advantage of the modern version of physics based hair, even with it being vastly superior in quality.
can we not have the ability to be black and ginger because i look like a fucking Halloween Oreo
fuck off its super roleplayer survival already, go to a build server pleb and build as many fishing villages as you want
The previous version of my server has a scientist, this version is gone, how to add and close the scientist NPC
Hey so me and a couple of Friends LOVE this game and love the skins with it But now i cant skin my items on the workbench or when making then Plz fix i love this game.
Let's have a moment of silence for all of those innocent Blaster '
HI. please just show me a new updated client download link ! im trying to find update for 3hours !!!please help i dont know how to download .that links you showed is just popups and ads...pls tell me how .. thx a lot
Great update! Love the new scientists! Maybe they could explore more or maybe more/different types of human npcs could be added to make a solo/low pop server a more enriching experience. Regardless, love the new human npcs keep up the hard work!
Well how does the purification of water work now ? "Water purifier can no longer be placed on barbecue and fireplace" I was able to put it on the fireplace, why ? And where should I have my container ? And where should I put the salt water
Hi ya. I found them very confusing when I used the purifier. It is meant to be used on a campfire, the one made with just wood and sits on the floor. It also works with the Skull Fire Pit if you buy that. And if you place either under a Tier 3 work bench the purifier will fit under there too. They disabled it from being placed on a BBQ or the big Fireplace thats placed against the corner of a floor and wall. The purifier has two containers, the propane tank which you put salt water into and the bucket where the clean drinking water collects. When you click on either you'll see your inventory and the water container come up, click on a jug, water bottle, bucket or Bota bag then you click on GIVE or TAKE to put in or take water 100ml at a time. GIVE salt water to the propane tank, TAKE water from the bucket. Once the propane tank is filled light the campfire and you'll hear it bubble,, click on the propane tank and you'll see the amount dropping, click on the bucket and you'll see the amount going up. For 2l of salt water (full capacity) you get 500ml of drinking water. Blue jugs are your friend! You can use its bucket for storing clean water.
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