• I hate this upkeep system, this is why.
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Back in the day: When we farmed for a house that house was secure. Wallstacked, big, professional, no1 came close. Our external foundation barrier was big enough to scare raiders away. We were safe for at least two weeks, until that specific time in the wipe came where people were sitting on too much explosives to eventually try to offline us, that was ok, and expected. That was the only way to ensure safety for X time, so we could play the game. Now: Despite the effort that we put in to design our house, farm like a madman, max out TC limits to upkeep the base for 12hr, the base will remain easily raidable. This was the 5th Rust wipe in a row when we got raided right ahead. 3x 2days passed 1x 1 day the max was 3 days. Our bases were fortify designed, strong. Also tried implementing different techniques such as the infamous roof-loot exploit, which is being widely used. Nothing really worked. Nothing like the wallstacking and no upkeep. We couldn't bruteforce our way to safety like back in the day. We are not lazy like a lot of Rusters are. We would farm all day for at least 1 week of Rust playtime. We are persistent as well, 3 times we moved to a different spot on the map just to got offline'd again by rockets the day after we built the new base which we have worked for a whole day. Right until the team burned out by the extreme handicap we had in terms of loot and blueprints so we waited the next wipe. Conclusion: A lot new systems are in the game currently and they are TOO MUCH. Blueprint system ALONG with component system, constant scrap farm to stay viable, upkeep farm so that you don't live in a shitshack, harder building 3.0 (less security capabilities, no wallstack). All this work to be raided sooner rather than later. Point is, if you want your base to keep up with the amount of explosives people can farm (and will due to upkeep) your house can never be big enough. Can't attach materials to base you need to use it on upkeep. simpler words: offense > defense. But how can you defend against being offlined if your base cant keep up with the material balance? think about it. Have a nice day! Long time Ruster
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i mean, Wall-stacking and such was an exploit in itself. Broken. I personally, don't see anything wrong with the new building system or the upkeep. The larger the base, the bigger the target, the more it should cost to upkeep, and rightfully so. I haven't been offline raided in like 4 or so wipes. Build smarter, not larger. Build more than one small base and split the good loot, instead of one big base where it is easy for them to snag your loot in a single go. One of the last wipes I played in, my trio was in our own base in the compound, but we were allied with a few others groups. Each of us built our own bases and used external stone walls to create a compound. We were fine, even when the zergs came to raid.
Upkeep is a grind. Message to developers Old system was log on every 24 hours and open a door to reset decay. Lower the amount of time to lets say 12 hours. Make decay only take into place after the 12 hours of not logging on. Easy fix if your always in your base, why should it decay?
now i log in once every 2 days to feed the base... seems like the new system is better?
True but if you have a big base you have to be getting on every 6-12 hours. This system is basically good only for the casual players. Which in my opinion is completely fine. I dont care if people just get on and make a base. But just imagine if you could have the old system where you would have to log on once every 24 hours and have upkeep if you dont log on? So basically if you dont log on to the server and reset the decay, your upkeep comes into play.
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