• Beancan desk decor
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Made myself an desk decor, still needs brown paint layer. Will update final piece soon. https://imgur.com/9CDBRbw https://imgur.com/crDML1S https://imgur.com/Bacfqiu https://imgur.com/eKalSy9 https://imgur.com/K4UI4Sf https://imgur.com/k7AA5tO https://imgur.com/CTm9Kop https://imgur.com/mSHX2sF
Finished. https://imgur.com/VBQNrqZ https://imgur.com/l8UAgPX https://imgur.com/JoRBxFx https://imgur.com/TM00a8I
That's awesome! Nice work.
yeah really awesome
Thanks fellas!
thats pretty cute
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