• Base Build - the Nail
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I uploaded a new base build video, and this is one of the best ones so far (in my opinion) ALSO for all you trolls out there I already honeycombed it for you!!!!!! (well most of it anyway xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK9Tn2BjcwM&t=38s You can do whatever you want upstairs (or even seal it off) I wasnt really sure what yall would want to put up there! Hope you guys enjoy and if you have any concepts you want implemented into the next base build just comment in this thread of in the video, i was thinking about wallstacking the next one!
I don't understand people fascination with triangle honeycombing, its only effective if people attack your base horizontally through the walls! Almost every base is always raided through the roof! So unless your roof is 5 layers thick, this is a nuisance and waste of time.
Lol. Frosty got banned
@MarcoMontana That's true, but many beginners don't know that and find honeycombs great and safe. That's right through the ceiling, but only as long as you have stone ceilings. offtopic: Yep, told him he will be banned if he is bumping his useless threads all the time. That's the problem when a little autistic children discover something like a forum. First he complains that someone is spamming the forum and then he does it himself.... :D Spam Banhammer In this thread he complained, after that the forum looked like this. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/421288250678968321/423764625440374784/unknown.png
^^ oh boy, that is ironic. not gonna lie, the bumping was definitely getting annoying so a 24 hour ban is definitely warranted. posting your content is fair, but to repeatedly bump up EVERY thread?! no one wants to see that shit.
We need an unmod forum where everyone can live out their desire for bumps
What we really need is an area where young children can play. Something like Smalland at IKEA. Most kids today just don't know how to behave in a forum.
Subforum Toxic Caves..
Breaks my Rule 1. never have a TC next to an external wall, takes too much time negotiating through base, have to do too much rebuilding when ladder hatches are available to use.
@Thraag1 the Base build is shitty af. This is super easy to raid and cheap to raid.
minimum 24 satchels to main loot? how is that super easy and cheap
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