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Hello everyone ! Lets go straight to the point , Rust NEEDS a party system . Ask yourself how many times did you die to your friend who accidentally killed you instead of the enemy , because you looked exactly the same like him ? I guess many times , and how many times did someone on your Discord , Teamspeak or whatever voice communicator you are using shout to you "Where are you , where are you" and you could not find him/her because of the bad description ? Answer it yourself .Armor and character models are not diversed enough to make you instantly recognize a friend or a foe . Party system would not influence the gameplay balance in any way , there are only benefits of implementing it ! Pros: better team communication less chaos on your v.c no more friendly fire ( party system would not disable it ! ) simply beeing able to recognize a foe and a friend Cons: I cant see any , but some people can say that the game would become too easy ( which is false ) Here you can see the example i did of how it could look in game . Transparency , interface etc could change but even a simple small star above a "friendly" player in party would be great ! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183069/5510346f-a942-483e-991e-551fb06cb302/20180217175858_1.jpg
Yes thats a really nice idea!
Would be a great thing to have this into rust. For clans of course..
Zergs and huge clans have the advantage because of the their number , but such a solution would help everyone
eh, given that grouping up in this game offers such a huge advantage already, I think having to actually coordinate and communicate with each other with a chance of some friendly fire is a very small price to pay. I mean, floating icons?!? seems a little ridiculous. the "solution" only helps out large groups that are already dominating the map. it adds nothing for solo players or even small groups that already know how to effectively communicate with each other.
Floating icons were just an example, small icon would be ok too , huge groups have the advantage anyway , and there are barely any solo players and not many duo players . I thought about making some limitations in the the number of players in party for example 3 would be perfect . Lets be honest you can do nothing as a solo player. 3 player limit would devide the larger clan groups into smaller ones that stick together.
I just don't understand that logic. We both agree that huge groups have the advantage and there's the unsubstantiated claim that there are barely any solo players so... you want to make it even easier for the groups who already have a huge advantage? God forbid they suffer some adversity in Rust. They have it real tough roof camping with ARs and Bolts and gosh darnit, 1337 clan member Timmy keeps accidentally bolting his teammates who are raiding solo bases! This must be remedied! /s Honestly though, 90% of the time I'm playing solo, the other 10% is other duo or trio, and I can guarantee you I'm not some anomaly. It's really not difficult to communicate and coordinate effectively to the point where you aren't friendly firing constantly. You even have the luxury of wearing the same colored clothing or skins.
Due to the changes in Rust gameplay , there is no point in playing as a solo player anymore and devs are leading the game in the clan direction . Huge groups are already taking over and it is just a matter of time when the game will become unplayable for solo player . Of course you can have the same colored skins but that helps only a liitle bit as the game lighting and shadows make it unable to recognize the player instantly . In order to make a difference you need to have a really vibrant or contrasting skins which are often really expensive on the market . Thats not an option . The lack of armor variations and diversity is another thing , to be honest there are only 3 armor sets you actually see in game , 2 after few hours . Everone looks the same and skins are not a solution , here you can see the problem on the image i found and added text to https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183069/c68d49ce-d45e-4ed6-8dd7-ed4802309ace/rust_01_full.jpg My graphics setup is not an issue because i have a really good pc and have already tried different combinations from potato to ultra maxed . Devs killed all chances for solo players with implementing the resource taxes for your base . The game has already became the clan based game so i dont get why shouldnt they implement the party system .
the solution is pretty simple. If someone is in your friends list. their name appears green. and their name shows up at 3x the normal distance. they're name is still concealed at night though.
maybe max it to 5? no need for getting code lock for every single door, maybe a new setting option that would switch your in game voice to only party voices/ chat rooms for part!} alot more can be done with this idea! @Helk please we need that
I solo (And know a lot of solo players) on vanilla (At most, 2x, but rarely.) Your 'barely any solo players' comment is entirely false.
Hey i didnt say there arent any , but there are less and less of them , the way bigger part of community are clans and bigger groups
Again, these are completely unsubstantiated statements and I think you're severely underestimating how many solo players there are. If the devs are genuinely trying to take that game into that direction, which I don't think is true and I would love to see an actual justification for what you're saying rather than statements based on nothing but your own want for a party system, then they have failed at their job. I don't think you realize how arrogant you sound when you say there's "no point as playing as a solo player anymore," you're genuinely just talking out of your ass.
They added it UPS
Adding a party system is a horrible idea, clans and groups should learn how to effectively communicate, that's one of the skillcurves of the game, deal with it
people wanted it so they added it , deal with it
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