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I'm looking at possibly buying a new computer today. (A laptop- I know, wtf? It's more convenient for me atm.) I'm sure it will run Rust, I'm just curious as to whether or not anyone might know how well it will run? Specs: HP Onyx Blizzard 15.6" Laptop, FHD Screen, Intel core i7-7700, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 4 GB Graphic Card, 12GB Memory, 1TB HD I know 12 gigs is kind of an odd number to see, but it's better than 8.. I don't care about running the game on max settings at 100 fps or anything like that, I just want a stable frame-rate on say Medium settings (I would be happy with a flat 60) Also, do you think I'd be able to record or stream with it, without taking too much of a performance hit? I currently run this game on a potato, lowest settings/resolution and only 25ish fps. Makes pvping difficult to say the least. Any of you techies have an idea?
In a nutshell, don't. Oh, the videocard will run decently (I have the gtx950 on a desktop (about 5% lower scores) and it looks and feels ok on medium-to-high details on 1280x1024) BUT pvp on a 15.6 FullHD wide screen? That's tiny, you're gonna stay so close to the screen? heat problem: look at the heatsinks on the desktop versions. All that heat should be ejected from the laptop and it won't and in 2 hours the thing will be hot. Not long lasting. REading the specs, is it an Acer? If so, another no go. wireless = increased lag in most cases. price. The hardware sounds like a top line laptop. Better a decent office laptop and a zuber PC future upgrades. What you get in the laptop is all you're gonna have. A PC is easier to upgrade. Sorry to break it to you so. I would not buy a gaming laptop. But I'm living in Romania while you're US. Go for it, if you have the dough.
you will run rust at around 80 fps I recommend getting the same laptop as me - ASUS ROG Strix its around $2000 AUD I can run rust on up to 150 fps max settings 8gb ram, nvidia gtx 1080, thicc screen, transportable (light), 1tb memory
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