• Fix the cheater problem
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There is no way the dev team can make the game and stop the hordes of cheaters from playing please enlist active admins on your official servers all the community servers besides rustafied are terrible and underpopulated. Theres 6 cheaters raiding a base on canada 1 right now if i was admin or any of my friends all of them would be instantly banned. Cant even play your game because i get 700 meter head shot like wtf.
do you have proof that they are cheating how dose FP know you wont just abuse it
if he reports fp shoulds be able to check the server logs. Quite easy to see if someone is lying about a cheater or not. Fact is Facepunch don't care. Even POKEMON GO can detect speed hacks yet this game has nothing other then a manual report system.
Hackers do get banned, just not fast enough. Official servers do need admins that can respond to reports quickly, check logs and spectate.
Fp are people too guy you need to understand that they dont have super powers to speed up time and check every single hack report at once yes that would be cool if they did but they dont so just be patient
This game is amazing until a hacker finds you which happens EVERY DAY. Please Facepunch I want the hackers gone 100X more than better scientist Ai or better facial hair. The hackers have got to go. ##@$!!$Ragespam#$!#@$#@
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