• How to Play Rust Again
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Okay, so i was banned for having AutoHotKey For Bhop scripts for csgo on my first account i left them running while playing rust and i got banned for having AHK that was the only thing i could think of getting banned for, i'm not asking to be unbanned or anything. I have made many accounts after that some with 700 Hours without getting banned then getting a ban a account with 500 hours then getting banned a account with 38 hours and getting banned 4 of my accounts i bought 200$ inventory's on. i'm not asking for my account's to be unbanned at all i just want the ability to play rust i have bought 3-4 new accounts within the month and they get banned within 20 mins last one got banned in an hour. i have reinstalled windows about 5 times after getting banned, recently i have put a new motherboard, ssd, CPU in my PC and changed my IP and i still got banned and i have no idea why i'm getting banned i just want to be able to play rust again i probably have 3000 hours on all my accounts. All i'm asking is the ability to be able to play rust again and what i have to do to play without getting banned i will and can send you all my account id's and everything i have on my PC file by file to see what's getting me banned.
Oh well ... I see DayZ just did an update , why don't you go there?
Not even going to waste my time with you.
You're getting banned again because of ban evasion, play another game because rust is over for you.
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