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Good afternoon gentlemen and ladies I have such problemma I did not play in the rast and was not on my Steam account today and I see such a picture that on my account I have 1 game lock VAC that 404 days have passed since the lock. Tell me how can I check this lock and can I remove it from my account or find out the exact reason why I received VAC? ps: Sorry for my English translation from google translate
Please do not make threads about any of these. Nobody on this website will be able to help you with any of them and you'll just be wasting your time if you try anyways. If you really want help, try using one of these resources instead: If you got EAC banned/game banned/developer banned or something, take it up with EasyAntiCheat as they are the ones that handle them. Easy Anti Cheat If you got VAC banned, take it up with Steam Support Steam Support If you got banned from some random community server, take it up with them wherever they might be. Nobody here in this subforum will know what you're talking about or be able to help you. Again, nobody -here- can help you with these. If you make a thread about one of these anyways, it will just end up getting locked.
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