• Banned cos admin using powers and i asked him why
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This is bullshi? ive played on your server all week worked my arse off and got banned for saying why the fuc? you using admin powers to farm barrels very angery will definatly post this fail server on youtube if you dont sort this admin out !
I know you are upset. No one here can do anything. If its just a server ban then do what I do and change servers. As I have said before Admins are not required to do a course in fairness or even politeness. They don't have to hold a FP licence to operate. Even though there are a few bad apples, I am still glad for all those server owners who spend their time and money running the myriad of servers out there.
Like vixen said, we don't control admins on servers not owned by Facepunch. An easy way to look at it is a house, with facepunch being the architect and server owners being the buyers of the home. Once the house is built the home owner can do whatever they want with it, none of which is the responsibility of the architect.
Oh sry thought this was the Overdose forum tbh some how got on this one thx for the replys tho lol
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