• About ban by Rust
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Dear Rust. I think it is something wrong about the game ban for me. The day I got game ban is in 13th May. That day I just join a new server. I play a few hours with my friends. Then I see a hacker was killing spree in the server. Then I try to report him. After I press F7. I want to fill in the Information about the hacker. Then I just realize i have not create a account yet. So I name my name to the hacker's name. (Because I am not that good in English. sorry.) ;P Few hours ago I go online as usual, wanna see am I being raided. Then I see nothings happen then I go offline. After few hours ago. My steam account have got a letter. Is about my Rust have been game ban. I feel shock and helpless. I try to communication with Rust in twitter, steam, email. But I don't know I cant get respond in there. So I realize I can ask help right here. And this game is very attracting me. Is a very good game for me. I hope I can been unban. Thank you for your patience. (and sorry, my grammar is not that good.) Izaac
READ THIS concerning EAC bans/VAC bans/Game bans/developer bans/..
What Jinx said.
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