• Sudden stuttering.
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Currently I run a cpu so old it needs ddr2 ram, and have managed to trim everything down on it enough so that rust will work on a barren map. I am posting this in hopes of adding one or two more tricks to improve frame rate and or eliminate sudden fps drops. Currently I have deleted everything in this file and prevent steam from re downloading it. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\252490 Since I have done that performance has improved dramatically. I also type snd_audiocacheupdate snd_audiocacherebuild itemskins0 into the f1 console. Reason being I noticed that whenever the handmade shell is fired from a shotgun that the sound seems to be what glitches the pc out and stutters fps resulting in death. Ive noticed the same thing with skins. However, even tho I am doing this, and overclocking etc. I still get random drops. Specifically yesterday while me and my m8s where raiding, 4x ak countered, and before we saw them come over the hill every single one of us fps stuttered. It happened again when they where in close range resulting in death. Ive noticed this also happens when i get close to some people who are running an open mic. I dont know if it is the open mic glitching us out, or if they have some skin on thats messing us up. But we are all potatoe. Anything else we could be doing to eliminate this problem would be appreciated. Like if theres something i can turn off, so that i can get close to launch site... that would be great.
Oh my God! You poor thing Please don't tell us you are using a Pentium 90 CPU. I have never heard of anyone even still using DDR2. I am up for a challenge so - What are the complete spec of your pc. I need absolutely everything. CPU, GPU, Integrated graphics, ram and speed, operating system, LAN specs, wireless if your using it, mouse, keyboard, monitor settings. modem and so on.
dont ya dare start a kick starter lol 4gb ram dual core i think its running 3k mhz geforce 740 i think op is windows 7 ugh the rest is just as bad I had to run a few programs in the background to trim ram used by rust by about 500 All settings are of course potatoe, also set all settings on windows to the bare min for best performance that freed up more ram.
OMG OK try this - Windows 7 ReadyBoost is a little-known technology that uses free hard drive space on a hard drive, normally a flash drive (also known as a thumb or USB drive.) ReadyBoost is a great way to make your computer faster and more efficient by increasing the amount of RAM, or temporary memory, your computer can access. Ready Boost is built into windows 7 and all you need is a thumb drive. install the thumb drive,  then right click the drive that is your thumb drive or SD card and set it to "dedicate this drive to use ready boost" and that's it... Its a "hail Mary pass", but worth a go.
thanks for the effort vixen, the thumb drive is an option, or i could drop 20 bucks on ddr2 ram over the internet, either way money is a factor. was refreshing talking to a person on the internet who didnt immidiately go to arrogant insults etc. i hope you have a great day, i must have been one of few who ate soap as a kid to cure the being an asshole problem. did they figuer out a way to discipline children yet? or are we still trying to reason with them like adults...?
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