• HELP! Rust shows only desktop when runs but there's sounds
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I've been searching for solution for my problem and i haven't seen anyone any thread that indicating my problem, so i decided to post my problem here. everytime i want to play Rust with my Nvidia GPU the game just shows desktop in the main menu but there's still sounds, the music in the main menu, i can even click a button in the main menu but i can't even see what am i clicking at. But when i run Rust with my intergrated GPU which is Intel it works, it shows the main menu. The problem is I want to play the game with my Nvidia GPU instead of Intel because i'm sure with my Nvidia the game would be run smoother
Do you have a screen shot you can post so I can better understand your problem?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/294586/b6c5f31b-dfd7-4af1-88c8-5a009ca3252a/error.png So this is what happen after i click "Play!" there's the sounds https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/294586/7e314e7a-3089-4c7d-a02f-e6eb7d28bebf/error.PNG Oh and this is what happen when i try to make it windowed by pressing alt+enter
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