• how to change gender
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What bullshit rust whats wrong with character setting honestly it makes so i don't really wan't to play the game anymore
Lol, are you mad because you're stuck with a char that's not exactly like you irl? It's a game where the most prevalent aspect of it is PvP and raiding, not dressing up and looking at your char. Deal with it or buy another copy and get another roll of the dice.
While i agree its not the end of the world, For some people, like myself, it really ruins a part of the immersion. I personally dont buy any skins nor do i care to because i have a female character model and im not a woman.
You should remove Rust and play The Sims!
Well if you got female it's quite good because if parents accidently catch you while playing with censor nudity off they won't think that you are gay or somethin'.
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