• Please fix your pathetic game!!!
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HOW HILARIOUS! K so check this out people.. THIS! This right here people, is why this game is circling the drain.. The one time someone gets a persons attention to get some feedback of "hey we care, just be patient etc etc. We understand you're having problems even playing the game" he gets banned because it's not appropriate. And no issues are being addressed. You want proof? Look at the threads here and the steam community discussions. Notice how everyone has issues, concerns or problems? But all of them are being ignored? That's because they don't care, and poor companies are too busy with their tunnel vision. Let me translate for everyone who are clueless about what's happening. Unless you're a fanboy who drools over practically everything, at silly stupid useless stuff that they are throwing into the game cause they'll do what they want, it's their game. Don't expect them to care... AT ALL! *People have reported memory leaking- Ignored *People have reported constant lag spikes and FPS "EVEN WITH computers that are 2x more than recommended specs - Ignored *People are asking for the game to be optimized so they too can enjoy the small things and give feed back for other things - Ignored *People are upset because they keep flip flopping on what they want to do - Ignored *People finally rage on a post, calling them out on their BS and they get banned and told "they're not doing it properly".. That right there, proves Facepunch is a trash development team. I'm sooooooo glad I stumbled across this thread because now I have 0 regrets uninstalling and removing the trash game from my library. I mean I don't even agree with the original posters problems, but I do however agree with the fact you morons ignore the community, and this game truly deserves to die. I hope it becomes the next Lionhead Studios.. cause honestly you're micro transaction sales aren't going to amount to squat, no matter how good or bad the game becomes in your mind if you're going to constantly ignore your community and take everyone into consideration, not just your fan children. So as a final peace and farewell.. don't send me any information. Even if you wanted to pay me money to get my attention on this game thinking "We did it! Magically we made the game the next biggest thing and everyone's going to love it!". Don't cause I don't care.. when you treat people like trash, and you ignore people without any form of community interaction and addressing legitimate concerns, it in the end no matter how shiny you become means your trash. Can polish a turd all day, but it's still a turd.
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