• I cant Connect to any server at all....
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i cant connect to any server what so ever only thro a friend.....when i join always "fail to connect"......please help..
They don't care man, just let the game die, move onto something more productive that the development team actually cares about making their game even playable first rather than idea and concept. Games been out 3+ years now in early access.. I'd say it's time to let it sink in and do what is obviously inevitable.
meh i will wait some more days then i will unistall it if they dont answer
Facepunch have no control over that if it's produced by EAC. I have the same issue and made a service ticket with EAC tech support. They are currently assisting me via email mail. If I can solve this, i will sure share the solution with others.
Hi Ridercross, Sorry to hear about your problem. There seem to be a few people with your problem, and rest assured the team are working on making this the best game it can be. You won't have this issue forever, remember the game is in Alpha. Sometimes the game breaks for a lot of players, this is why every time you load the game there is a warning. I suggest waiting till this Thursday and see if there is a fix on the next update, if however you still have an issue, just wait until the game is out of Alpha and in Beta or even finished. I thank you for your patience and am sorry I can't solve your problem right now. I hope you do get it fixed soon though. Warmest regards, Badass Roy (Roleplaying a technical support expert) 
PS: GSniper is salty, ignore him. PSS: Where is the salt shaker emoji?
WTF just happent? xD Thanks:Badass Roy xD
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