• Ban from the developers
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t all began recently. Went to my friend and said that he needed to bind Steam ACC to the site, so I gave up, because I know for a long time. After he left, I sat down to play rust. After a week, waking up and logging in Steam, I saw that got a ban from the developers of rust. Logging in with another account, there hung the ban. Then he told me that he wants to check the cheat, and then bought me the game on a new account. Well I started playing and after 30 hours of play the following happened. Sat playing with friends on a server Dais - Halloween. I was running and eating mushrooms: D sounds weird. But then again got banned from razrabotchikov. you want to say that now I can't play ? And I will ban all the accounts? Прошу отнестись с пониманием. И понять что я не использовал посторонние программы, а все получилось очень глупо и не по моей вине. 
Then he told me that he wants to check the cheat, Nuff said.
I suggest you read this while you cry in the corner: https://support.facepunchstudios.com/hc/en-us/articles/214241045-EAC-Banned.
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