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Hello, whenever I join a rusty Severer I have a pixelated image of the sky is normal but structures like the water and trees are barely noticeable earlier I could only play rust when I start DirectX 9 but that's gone what can I do :(
Hi John, I hate having to say this to you but I do believe it is time for an upgrade on your computer. DX9 was dropped by Facepunch in development because even Direct X is dropping it themselves. Garry just pulled the plug beforehand. In other words, software requiring DX9 will soon be obsolete across the board.
My problem is that it is pixelated when I'm on a sever and that's not normal
Due to the size it is hard to tell but yes, that most certainly looks like a DX issue. However, it could also be a video driver needing updated. And perhaps a DX update?
Legendary but yeah try posting the actual picture so we can try to figure what the issue is
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