• I'm having 2 problems
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1st one: After this thursday patch, im seeing snow everywhere, even in the desert, but it depends on the biome when we talk about grass colour. i also see the map upside down, idk why and what is happening. 2nd one: I want to unbind the map from showing whit the letter G, i want to use the map whit letter M, but everytime i change it, it restarts after i close the game.
navigate to you "keys" folder in your file explorer. steamapps--->common--->rust---cfg. Change it there and then make file "read only"
1 - This is a known issue on shader level 100, in your options menu under graphics try turning it to 101. 2 - After changing your blind open the F1 console and run the command "writecfg". Your new bind should now be saved and not revert.
Is it possible something's auto-updating with the cfg file? Even after changing the chat command to NOT be T and then using writecfg, it always resets to be T. Thanks
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