• Hacker or admin abuse??
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I play on a small solo/duo server with my friend. He logged in earlier and everything in our base apart from some crappy closes and food, was gone. All our grind since wipe. All code-locked doors were closed, tool chests placed so no one can build.. Not at all sure how anyone could have gotten in. What kind of powers do admins have? Was it admin abuse or can hackers accomplish this via clipping or something? Its frustrating for sure.
Hello! Yes, frustrating for sure and I hope it wasn't your admin that did it. The scenario you describe can be done by an admin via noclip command, but I really hope not. If so, I would have changed server to one where there's no admin abuse. This game is hard enough if we don't have to deal with admin kids abusing their rights too. Without being there and see it, it's not easy to say who it was for sure. I mean, the doors could have been replaced etc but if I were you I would have asked the admin if he did it or not and talked to him so you get a better picture of who he is as a person. If you don't like him, just change server to a better one since the situation will not improve for sure. If he abused his rights once, he will again. I know at least before it was possible for hackers to do the same thing, not sure how good the EAC is these days, but in the end this is also kind of an admins problem since hackers should be banned.
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