• 1st person spectating workaround?
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Hi, Being a server admin I had the chance to see just how different "1st person spectating" is than what the actual player sees; and was wondering if there could be a way to setup a mod/plugin that would replicate what a player actually sees, his UI, inventory when it's open, the highlighted items selected etc. Does anyone have any sort of idea where I could start working from? Or even what's the "roadblock" for it not being implemented in-game? Having this would make catching cheaters so much easier and would make it so we(admins) can record the cheater's perspective sending that out to the devs/EAC for them to have proofs/clues what's going on. All help is appreciated!
No one has any idea 😥?
It would be nice to be able to actually view what the player sees instead of their inner skull.
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Update bump. P.S If the bumps aren't welcomed just tell me I'll stop using them. I'm just trying to pull attention to it so we might get an answer as to what's blocking the implementation of an useful 1st person view.
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