• You banned my account at 7th november.
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I never used any hacks or macro programs in Rust and i always be friendly in chat so why you guys ban my account ?  I just wanna know what i did ? Can you please explain me what is this ?  I played rust about 1000 hours. I didnt played this for getting banned. Please remove my ban and contact with steam remove my ban. If you wont open my ban atleast explain me what i did for get this ban ? My account name : [GREY] - $αηιту My account profile page : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198328382178/ My account login id : hasankupsen1
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Because you are in the wrong place. Create a ticket at EAC here. Rust developers has nothing to do with the company that concluded that you where cheating.
i was also banned I play rust very often, not sure why I would have all of a sudden been banned
Cause you've been caught? And if innocent, you should follow @Psystec's advice.
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