• i got banned on my 2 steam accs wtf is wrong with this game i got banned on both
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i got banned on both accs please fix this i got on my own acc 800 hours please i bought rust again on new acc my steam acc is joostgamingnl and joost.tummers
Stop cheating. Bans are based either on toxicity which can disable both voice and text chat. Perma-bans are based on multiple reports of in-game violations which then results your PC being scanned of possible cheating software. One way is to actually record how or what kind of cheating is in place. Since you have been banned one these things has taken in place so stop crying and play fare.
You cheated. You used cheats of one sort or another and were caught, and I cannot feel sympathy for that. Don't cheat and you won't have this problem.
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