• Projectile invalid
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For the past month or so it seems, a lot of my shots are not registering, ill hear a hit marker but the person does not die. When I check combatlog it always says projectile invalid, and usually on the chest or head, etc. I can sometimes unload a full clip directly on someone and they will still kill me first. It only started a few wipes ago I believe. Any ideas?
I've had a few players report this on my server aswell. Would like to know if this is server owner's side or FP side. Thanks!
From what i could gather from my experience and i'm saying this with a pot of salt. I think this can be caused because of lag. for instance you shoot someone he is in front of your sights but you had a bit of lag and the server registered it as a miss but your client was a hit, resulting in an invalid projectile.
I kinda figured that, but it only seemed to start happening in the past month or so.. and its on multiple servers
It happens a shitload on my server, i see it all the time in the logs, trust me i know what you are saying but this is nothing to be concerned about. My players don't even notice this issue.
yea but I notice it because I can unload a clip into someone point blank and it will usually not kill them
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