• Banned for No-Reason
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Hello, today i just come online and i was thinking to connect to my server. I have 3 rust servers and this community www.bettervanilla.com . After the connectiong succesfully i got banned. Why i got banned ? I have almost 4k hours and 70$ in my account and 100$ Rust Skins. What can i do ? I did nothing wrong, i swear Thanks
He's just on his own server, he needs to run all these 3 servers and there isn't even a point in him hacking or anything since its his own server that he plays on anyway, please check this out Facepunch ^^
It is really anoying that things like this happen i think its a glitch but still really anoying.
He did nothing wrong because he has 3 rust servers which i do play on and there is so much fun on it and it really sucks that christi gets banned i mean this is redicoulas you cant just do this for nothing.
You had software/task running on your computer that was detected. Don't use programs/scripts to give you an unfair advantage.
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