• Lost my beard
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The new update brought us tweaks to the nailgun, new sounds, giant black voids, but most importantly, hair. Before this update, I really hated my character. He has extremely skinny, smooth arms and unnaturally large, hairy legs along with a scrunched up face. I got over my problems with the limbs, but his face was just too ugly. When the hair update came around, I finally got a beard to cover up my nasty face, and this made me really happy. This was until I died, and all of the sudden my beard is just gone. I still have my old head and pubic hair, but no beard. This may not be the worst thing in the world, but the second I finally liked my character, the game glitched out and now he sucks again.
It came back, but I still want to know why it disappeared in the first place!
perhaps it needed to grow back after you died...
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