• All ground is white like snow - BUG
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No matter what biome I'm in, the game shows all of the ground (not trees, bushes, or grass) as snow. I've tried disabling TSAA, restarting the game, and changing my graphic quality. Nothing seems to work, any ideas?
What is the world size & map seed if you dont mind me asking, as well what version DX are you running
This is a known issue, turning up your shader level should solve the issue.
It wasnt like this before, before ot was just sand wich was actually better, im wondering if you can make it again so ot can be sand again?
Sorry for the late reply, but I have this problem occurring on any server that I join, even if I host it myself. I'm not sure the Seed or Map size would have anything to do with my problem looking upon that fact. I feel as though it's somehow related to the the blackscreen people were getting where they had to disable TSSAA. I'll give the shader level a go and see what results I get. Thanks for all your help and attention in advance!
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