• Everything on my mind (hackers and lag)
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My other forum posts were locked so I'm putting everything on my mind here. There are two things that us common players (over 5,500 hours in Rust so far) have to worry about and that never get publicly addressed by devs or popular rust personalities. I'm talking about cheaters (will be referred to as hackers) and server stability on official servers (will be referred to as lag). I've been raided by cheaters twice as many times in Rust as legit players. Over the past 6 months there have been a huge number of Korean hacker groups joining the server I always play on (US East 1 formerly New York 1). Just yesterday my group had to help defend our base and our neighbor's base against the SS clan who had a aimbotter on named PeiSon STEAM_0:0:217190295 and his alias was rusths148. He's changed his name multiple times since then to remove his first alias but if you do a steam search you'll find a large number of hacker accounts named rusths or rusttls with hundreds of numbers. If you could game ban all of those accounts I'd appreciate it because I've come across hackers using these accounts in the past and showed Alistair a time or two. Large groups (will be refered to as zergs) have hackers on when they raid and rarely get banned for hacker association. I think this is absolute BS and I've been trying for months to get two of the main offenders banned but since they're "clean" it's been largely ignored. Smeagol (Dildo Faggins) STEAM_0:0:123232944 uses hackers to raid STEAM_0:0:22384743 (solidsnake) and STEAM_0:0:70753052 (Pube Trimmer) and this is only one example of how scummy he and his group are. Also I've been trying to get MonyKi. and his hackers banned but no luck so far. STEAM_0:1:220775540 and here's one example of him with a cheater (Dalin) STEAM_0:1:220208604 who has other hacker accounts under the name xytyn on steam (look at his alias). If this isn't enough evidence to get these assholes banned then what do I need? A signed confession? The last thing I want to talk about is server stability. By this I mean their internet connection is unstable. Almost every day for the past two+ months the servers have been having lag spikes (jumping up to nearly 16,000 ping) and then losing connection entirely. A year ago there was zero lag and now the servers have hiccups very often. I would suggest getting a new host. This example is minor lag compared to the majority or what we're going through. ------ I know this will probably get locked but I'm really asking for help here. This is a typical day on US East 1 (hackers, lag, and server down time).
While games and technology exist, there will always be people that will try and cheat. This is not just an issue in RUST, it is a issue an any competitive game. If you feel like EAC is not doing its job (It is working well) then buy your own server and ban anyone that looks like they are hacking from it. I have a feeling that your sever would be empty because you will ban anyone that plays pro and kills you quick. There is a lot of false hacker reports because people are shit in this game and think good players are hacking.
Had run-ins with Dildo Faggins and his "Buddies" on numerous servers, these guys are a blight to Rust and need to be excised like a nasty tumor.
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