• An appeal to the moderators.
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Hello, my name is Luis Eduardo, I'm from Brazil, I always enjoyed survival games, especially RUST, where I had great experiences, I made many friends there. In my opinion RUST is the best survival game, I lost several hours playing it. The game is based on looking for resources, you need to work hard to be the best, sometimes it takes a lot of time to feel safe in the world of RUST, and I liked that, but like every online game, there are players who prefer the easy life , appealing to use and cheating. Frustrated, yes, frustrated, to the point of not wanting to play anymore, it was a mixture of love and hate, I decided to use cheating too, and I used it, I did not want to be left behind. At first it was fun, to have advantages over other players, it was all very easy, but I felt deep inside that something was not right, it was not more fun, because there was no more honor to merit. That's when I used cheating cheekily, I wanted to be banned. I became the reflection of what I repudiated most. I took VAC ban, I was not surprised because I expected this. My steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198128276615/ I wanted them to take the VAC ban so they could play again. I know I made a mistake and apologize for being wrong. I promise never to cheat on RUST again. Thank you.
1 more cheater down. Good job EAC.
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