• I still cant change the bind on one of my keys
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since i've started playing this game, i wanted to unbind the letter "G" to use the map because i use that key to push-to-talk on TS3, and instead use the letter "M", but everytime i change it, the letter M goes to secondary key and G stills on the primary slot. (Yes, i change the primary slot, and yes, i wrote cfg after changing it) Please help me
Bind your push-to-talk to MOUSE4 and thank me later when you see how awesome it is on the mouse.
Man, some binds (with spaces) usually do that... they got "reverted"... IDK about the "G" key... but one thing I've done to solve this "unbinding" problem is to creat a .bat file the copy a modified cfg file with all my correct binds and overwrite the one into Rust folder... so, everytime I'll play the game I run the .bat then the game... it's not a big deal, after some time u get used to it and it becomes an "automatic action" That was the only way to prevent unbinding keys on Rust I've found...
That's like using a keyboard with no numpad
we never know and yes, there are keyboards with no numpad
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