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how do i make my own server
You don't. You can only make your own server if you gained the Google mastery rank. With the Google mastery rank you would be able to achieve this ancient art of hosting. For without the Google mastery rank, your server will be full of confusion and shittyness. Hope this clears up your question.
Pushed more air from my nose for 30 seconds, 10/10 I usually like to use this one: http://lmgtfy.com/?iie=1&q=How+to+get+your+own+rust+server
yea that one is also nice. I have used it a lot.
Always recur to "dumb's daddy" ... Google! (or Bing if you prefer.. or any other search tool). It's way easier to take a look at a good video explanation. Then, if you get any doubt, you can ask the forum for help!
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