• I get ban like for cheating but Im not cheater and never was
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I get ban no idea what for. My charter in rust become too ugly and I crate new account to change player model (not for cheating) now all my account banned, EAC says to me that I used cheating softwere thats all, I say to them but I dont use any of, they say you use cheats! over! next your messeges wont be respond. I ask Facepunch they say we dont care about bans its EAC work, but EAC dont want to work, as you are. I was 1675 hours main account lots skins 80 hours second account and begin to buy skins on it too now all is lost and Im not cheater. This is wrong. And nothing you going to do. I never been cheating...
You may have had cheating software open while you loaded rust that resulted in a positive ban.
no. As i sayd I never had cheating softwere. I ready to give any prove or analysis or test or what ever else. I honest player. Ban on me is wrong.
Please could you pass me your SteamID
Here's my main account http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZiggyVlad/ and here's my second http://steamcommunity.com/id/archenemy912/
BANNED on 2 accounts?
Make your profiles public.
Yes I get Banned on two accounts. Theres one more thing. I had three account becouse of charter. Main account charter become very ugly I buy one more Rust there was ugly too, so I guy third time and charter was fine there its http://steamcommunity.com/id/archenemy912/ , but the second one I dont need, so I gave it to friend, cuz he ask for. This is account that I gave -  http://steamcommunity.com/id/ziggyweegy/ I have prove that I gave this one. I got screenshots of change email for it and screenshot of messege where I gave login and password and email for this account (messege in russian social network where you can see the date of the message)
Man.. SOOOO strange... u have (had) 3 accounts with Rust (including one private profile) .... and got all 3 accounts banned... really strange my friend... and the stranger part is... both accounts were banned in the last 15 days?? "15 day(s) since last ban" ......really, if your are NO CHEATER... consider formatting your PC and getting a new account.... because EAC won't UNban you 3 times...
No no. Both my accs was banned almost at the same time. I wasnt formatting my PC and didnt anything at all since I get BAN. I was sure that I get BAN becouse of account that I gave (like that guy could cheat or something) but Facepunch support tells me that no, cheats where used on my main account. So this is absolutly excluded.
Because you made the accounts, all 3 is linked and your friend might have cheated. The is to prevent hackers from making multiple accounts. I think this is what happened.
Is this mean that I get BAN for many accounts? What shuld I do? Becouse Im not hacker for sure.
Yep, as @Psystec told... "This is to prevent hackers from making multiple accounts". That's something usually happened before. Cheaters (hackers) used to create lots of accounts to widely cheat. When they got banned from one, they moved to another. SO, they started to ban "linked" accounts... MAYBE that's wha happened to you... I just can't say if it's MAC ID, Machine ID or any other "ID" from your PC that "link" the accounts, SO, IDK if just formatting your PC will help.
As I sayd I get two more accounts for somehow change my charter cuz it uncustomizable. I have screenshot how ugly charter on main account and my fine account where I wanted to play on. I just wanted to join the game. Now I have my good old account spoiled wit BAN and my account with good charter for Rust is BAN too. I guess BAN can't be removed? The only help is formatting my PC and create one more account Steam and buy one more Rust on it?
Probably you won't have a BAN removal... About the "format" information, I really don't know if it will help because you already have 3 linked (and banned) accounts in Rust. Maybe you should try to contact support and try to get some more help.
Ok. Thx anyway, atleast this is some true information. But I already been contact them. I send two messege to EAC and now they block my other messeges and won't respond me. And I been contact Facepunch support they send me to EAC support too. This is vicious circle.
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