• playing rust with my brother, then suddenly i disconnect and cant find the servr
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this has happend to me twice at the same place, I go to the airport then out of no where I get disconnected and when I try to find the server its just gone, it was even on my favorites. tried restarting pc, veryfing game cache, but it seems it only comes back after some time. since it happend to my brother aswell at the same time I think it has something to do with my internet, but I can join every other server just fine.
The admin probably updated the server or the server went offline. nothing you can do about it, its up to the owner of that server.
Actually no, my other friend on teamspeak was just fine, didnt get disconnceted
I think that this problem is important, because I also had problems to find the usual server a while ago.
Indeed mein Fuhrer
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