• I have game ban. Help.
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3 weeks ago I received a ban. I'm playing a game from 2014 and I'm not using forbidden programs. I have a not very productive computer and maybe I was banned because of lags. Can I get some information about this? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078018826/
Share your other accounts as well... The ones you used the cheats with...
I do not have other accounts. I was sure that it was some kind of mistake, but it's been 3 weeks already. I and my friend( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050336795/) bought this game more than 3 years ago and played almost all the time together. If cheats were used I think I would have a VAC ban. The server administrator said that the reason for the ban is flyhack. I've seen a lot of reports about other players' bans for this reason and had fun, because using flyhack now is absurd. Now I'm not having fun. ^^ Rust has big problems with cheaters. Every time we stopped playing for a few months because of getting a cruel butthurt from cheaters. In this context, getting the ban was especially offensive and sad. Anyway i do not have time for games now and if this is the end - it was wonderful emotions and experience.
А почему мой пост игнорят? Да меня блокировали за читы... Но я завел новый акк и не использовал читов... напротив сам открывал сервер.. Вот видео когда я его получил
Hey i legit also got game banned for no reason today too is this a fucking Glitch im beyond pissed? Steam Community
This worries me, many people come to claim a general ban, but everyone says they did not use hack, and in general the only response they receive is from two answering fans who always make fun of the issue because they all ignore it. All the answers they receive are: "You are a hacker, do not use a hack, a crying child". But let us remember that anticheat has on many occasions banned undeservedly innocent people and in quantity. The owners of Rust should deal with these issues and not simply close them.
Facepunch Studios
Every single time a false ban wave was done by EAC, they reverted those bans in a matter of 2-3 weeks at max. Every time. If people stay banned after this period, they cheated/had a program that could be used to cheat open while playing the game. Innocent until proven guilty is not our job, it's EAC's. As far as I know, 99% of the "help I got gamebanned" are cheaters realising they fucked up. Posting these appeals on here is bound to get you backlash, as a simple Google search will give you all the info you need to contact EAC or even Valve if needed. In other words, I'm not worried about those people coming in to claim a "False gameban" if it's false, it will be reverted, if not: piss off you cheater. P.s Usually when a dev closes a thread, he looked into it, saw they cheated, how, when, etc. And has all the rights to laugh it off.
TheGagabu, you must recognize that there were cases where they claimed that they were banned and presented tests individually, that is EAC is not perfect and I understand that they can not spend too much time in reviewing all the complainants but I am worried that these bans are in innocent people and that It covers all the players, because we know that EAC is not perfect and it can not be denied that its operation is to ban even sometimes for suspicious flaws rather than for recognized files and faithful proofs that the user actually used cheat. On the one hand I understand that the growth of hacks and the impossible detention of them, all this has led EAC to take "suspicion". But recognize that every program has bugs and failures, when we say that a program does not have bugs / gaps then we will be wrong. I appreciate the work of the developers of Facepunch and EAC because when I bought the original Rust I noticed that with anticheat the Hackers no longer bothered and ruined the game as in the pirated version. This was an incredible experience and never forget the first hours of play, when you see an arrow go through your forehead while you did not move, and be able to hide. I'm saying, I do not take these claims as a joke because they can be innocent players. On the other hand it should be noted, that not everyone can prove they were innocent, because it is difficult to have a film of the exact moment when they banned you. I do not play Rust at this time because my gaming PC has died, but I have the original Rust and they never forbade me because I am innocent, and I only worry about these claims that are taken as a joke. Good afternoon. "" Translated with google translate from Spanish to English. ""
help me I also have this problem I'm not using banned programs as I fix it to solve this Steam Community
Read the sticky Getting Support From Facepunch.
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