• Facepunch Banned Me From Support Panel
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They banned me from EAC – Facepunch Studios. They can't help for Rust. They have no idea what I have. I banned for I have this error Unity 2017.1.2f1 (cc85bf6a8a04). If you can't help to customers what are you doin? "Cannot log in suspended user #17619348345"
Talking to the support desk guys your system falls below the minimum requirements to run Rust and unable to help you further.
WTH? I could able to play 2 months ago. How can it's be possible?
Please contact me. There are a lot of cheaters on the official server. Contact me and I will give you their profile. 100% I found 3 cheaters who know the profile. And with them play another 3-4 cheaters. Two more from their team already banned. They play on the server for more than a week. Contact me by mail or my Steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125230383/
PlEaSe ContAct me. ThEre Are A loT of cHeaTeRs on the oFfIciaL SerVeR. COntaCt mE anD I wilL giVe yOu TheiR ProfIle. 100% I foUnd 3 CheAtErS whO KnoW tHe PrOfilE. ANd wIth theM Play anoTheR 3-4 cheAterS. Two More froM thEir teAm alrEaDy BaNned. ThEy Play on ThE sErVeR fOr mOrE tHan A WeEk. CoNtAcT mE By MaIl or My STeam prOfiLe  Use ingame F7 to report players, how the hell do you expect the devs to contact you... you silly kid
alistar and holmzy earlier banned cheaters. 2 weeks cheater gaming in server. all players reported him. fagot
We are trying to get help from devs. But they have no duckin idea what's going. They can ban users from game and support desk. That's all.
It's an early access game, it evolves over time meaning the minimum specs are bound to change.
I hate Rust.
The devs knows what is going on (more than you). EasyAntiCheat bans users not the devs. The devs cant unban you because EAC can only do that.
I know what's going on but devs don't know. My ban isn't a game ban, it is a https://support.facepunchstudios.com/hc/en-us/sections/203121909-EAC (help desk) ban. Why i was banned? Alistair #2 Talking to the support desk guys your system falls below the minimum requirements to run Rust and unable to help you further. lol
Good, fuck off elsewhere then. In a more polite manner, if the fact that an EARLY ACCESS game is changing over time is something that you can't understand/stand, it's your problem. As far as the ban from the support section, Alistair gave you a complete explanation as to why you were banned and you're still complaining. Either upgrade your PC and come back for help, I'm sure the help desk will be glad to help you if you come back with a half decent computer, or suck it up.
I've seen more than 1000 people have this problem after update which came 1 month ago. My computer isn't bad that. I've fuckin upgraded my rams, storage and updated all of fuckin stuff. It isn't my problem.
1000, lol. You got your answer. They won't work for someone who doesn't fit the minimum requirements. Pce.
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