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can anyone help i cant play rust it lages really bad and cant do anything apart from walking around. its not my internet bc i can play any other game fine. i can even find a csgo commpet match instantly bud cant play rust. SOME ONE if u know a fix please help??????
Use "Potato" settings, set minimal render distance and lower screen resolution, like 1024x768. Honestly, try to tell more about your PC specs if you want to get a proper answer to your issue. And yeah, Garry is not supposed to solve your problems with lags.
Not sure if this is a troll or not... If not, Your internet is nowhere near the only thing that can cause you to lag. Your computer could just simply not be able to handle the game. Make sure all your settings are on low, If that does not help and you really want to play you can also change the resolution to something smaller. If you never had lag before it could be the server you are playing on or simply your little brother in another room downloading those "romantic" videos ;) You can easily detect whether you are lagging from internet connection or if your computer lag. If you are occasionally sort of teleporting and "rubber banding" than your internet or connection to the server is not healthy. Now if your game is choppy and lags when you move the camera fast or in combat then your computer cannot handle the game or your graphics settings are too high. Hope this helps Internet lag: Computer (frame) lag:
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