• This game is tucking retarted.
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Cant even play for 15 mins, bc of crash. Sometimes there is an error log, sometimes no. RAM usage is at 50% and i have stable 60fps. About 1 month everything was good. i have already changed graphics drivers few times and reinstalled DirectX 11, of course the game was reinstaled couple of times as well. Im helpless with this shit, but i realy want to play this stupid game. Any ideas?
download more tucking ram
What exactly error causes a crash? I love these peoples who calls this game "tucking retarded" because of crashes and can't even send a crashlog/screenshot with an error.
80% crashes has no crashlogs or other stuff, its just freezing and showing this window (sometimes even without it) Rarely there is a real crashlog, like this : "The crash report folder named "2016-02-06_130948" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!" (copied from another person with this problem i wasnt able to screen mine) Maybe i just have to wait for a new big update of rust, anyways thanks for offering help.
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