• Ban for no reason
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My friend Soxxs Steam Community got a game ban for no reason i don't know why he last played the game on 11/25/17 and he never ever cheated in the game he has a pretty expensive rust inventory $40 I don't get this can you fix this?
Go here. We can't help you, sorry. Devs are not solving issues like these here.
its not an EAC ban
It is. Your friends got a VAC ban, that means that he got an EAC ban in game before this moment, so if your buddy really didn't cheated he must contact with EAC.
how will he do that i know for a fact he never would cheat he bought items for that game if he wouldve cheated he wouldve sent him items to another account
no his game ban was 1 day ago his vac ban was 400 days ago
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