• Facepunch Games Keep crashing for me
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It lets me load rust perfectly fine i get good fps. When i try to join a server my game instantly crashes. Im not sure what to do so please tell me. This also happens with gmod
Hi, What error does it give you? On what part of the server loading does it crash? Does rust run out of memory? (Use Ctrl+shift+esc to check) Does it produce an error log? if so post it here. Have you tried validating your file integrity for RUST and GMOD? Did you try reinstalling EAC? Did you try exiting steam entirely then logging back in? If it gives you a "Rust is not responding" windows error, try this: Start rust, select a server, join, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING until the loading is fully completed; no alt-tab, no clicking, no key press, etc. For the different questions I asked, if you don't know how (ie: reinstalling EAC), Google is your best friend.
Hm, GMod crashes too? That's strange. Maybe you have problems with your PC, because usually even old computers can handle Garry's Mod. Check your GPU drivers, make sure that you have enough RAM to run Rust/GMod.
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