• No Official Servers showing up and disconnections on servers that DO show up
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I have bought rust some time ago because i really wanted to play this game. But I noticed very fast that it did not work for me as it is suppose to work. There are no official servers showing up and not all the community/modded servers (I have tested this with a friend of my. He always gets more servers than me and the official servers are showing up for him. And this guy is my neighbor. I have tried to verify the game on Steam - Did not work I have tried to reinstall the game - Did not work I have allowed the Rust.exe and Rustclient.exe in the firewall I have tried to turn off my firefwall And i even renewed my IP! Nothing worked for me and i couldnt find ANY good answers on google. So I hope this forum can help me out because I am out of Ideas and I REALLY WANNE PLAY RUST.
check my thread about rustafied server problem and reply if you have same problem. I cant fix it just waiting for help like you mate.
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