• Rust error 10011(Failed to start the game)
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I have 330 hours in this game and now i got this error.Please help me!!I really want to play again this game...
Use google before asking for help here please, thanks! G.O.O.G.L.E
I've been looking for google but i have not found anything. All I found was trying but I have not solved the problem.
You added rust and EAC to your antivirus software trusted programs list?
I tried and did not go ..
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What virus software do you use?
Windows defender security center
The best one
Smart choice there... have you tried to disable it and start the game?
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I tried this now and it's still not going ... ;(
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well, try to validate your files... if that does not work then completely remove the game by uninstalling from steam and also removing the "Rust" directory from Steam\steamapps\common\ then re-installing. Good luck
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Look a video with my error
Gl dude, I had problems opening rust once and playing it in windowed mode somehow fixed my problem, maybe try that?
Try this
I give error before I get to the windowed mode and resolution
Idiots don't know how to do a game and then we have this fucking errors wp Facepunch idiots
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